About the Negotiations Competitions

On Sunday, September 19, 2010, the King Hall Negotiations Team will be hosting its fourth annual Intra-school Negotiation Competition.  Each year, the interested members of the student body pair-up and go head-to-head in two rounds of mock settlement negotiations with other teams. This year we plan to have 30 teams participating in the competition.  The judges' favorite four teams then go against each other in a final third round. The two teams that are deemed to have the most effective negotiations strategies will then be sent to represent King Hall in the regional competitions.

In 2008, the judges selected Sarah McBride and Jeff Osofsky to represent King Hall at the ABA regional competition.  After successes in both regional and national competitions, the team went on to take home first place for the United States in the world competition.  Last year, King Hall continued its legacy by sending Jesse Yang and Patrick Anding to regionals where they placed in first and advanced to the national competition.

We are already in the process of soliciting the assistance of 40 local attorneys, judges, professionals and legal scholars to serve as judges for the 60 students (30 teams of 2). Since the competition starts at 8:00 am and ends around 4:30 pm, we plan to provide breakfast and lunch.