ADR is a process essential to the practice of law.  To this end, the students and faculty at UC Davis, School of Law have established the King Hall Negotiations Team (“KHNT”).  The purpose of this student-run club is to encourage the development of negotiation skills and ADR through law school negotiations programs and competitions.  KHNT also serves to recognize law students who have excelled in negotiation activities at the law school.

In 2009, the KHNT progressed to the International level of the competition and ended up winning the world championship! In the 2009-2010 school year, King Hall came in first place at Regionals in both the ABA Negotiations Competition and the ABA Client Counseling Competition!

KHNT has organized and hosted multiple events that further the development of ADR skills and awareness within the law school community.  These events include the annual King Hall Negotiations Intra-School Competition.  In the fall of 2009, our internal competition was so successful we nearly ran out of law school space to hold the competition.  We welcomed nearly 20% of the student body as competitors, and 30 members of the Sacramento and bay area legal communities, including members of the judiciary, to evaluate and provide feedback to our students.  The KHNT also hosts an annual Negotiations Week, which invites guest speakers to address the student body on the importance of honing nonadversarial, problem-solving skills.  Recently, our speakers included: Professor Edward Imwinkelried, Professor Donna Shestowsky, Brendon Ishikawa (Certified Appellate Mediation Specialist), Drummond McCunn (McCunn & McCunn, family law practice), and Dr. Scott T. McCreary (executive at CONCUR – Environmental Conflict Resolution).  KHNT is dedicated to the furtherance of ADR and tries to reach out to students who may otherwise not be exposed to ADR in their coursework.